Schedule laboratory events in the new Event Approval System

In response to changes in Fermilab site access and DOE requirements, Fermilab is rolling out a new Event Approval System in SharePoint that will complement the new Policy on Fermilab Events and updated Policy on Access to Fermilab. Starting on Nov. 2, all Fermilab-hosted events must be submitted through the Event Approval System.

The new system replaces the manual PDF Event Approval Form rolled out last summer. It also replaces the previous Facilities Request Form and FRA Funding Justification Forms in order to streamline the process of collecting information within a single portal.

The Event Approval System is an important step in tracking and standardizing all Fermilab-organized event information, whether the event is held on site, off site or virtually. Refer to the Policy on Fermilab Events for the complete definition of Events and Conferences.

What you need to complete
Within the Event Approval System, there will be three sections that must be completed prior to an event:

  1. Event approval
  2. Event funding
  3. Facilities and services request

To ensure a smooth process, we recommend you submit your event at least two months in advance.

The New Fermilab Event Approval System is a requirement
Obtaining appropriate approvals through the new Event Approval System is required for all Fermilab-hosted events. Individuals who do not use the new Event Approval System may lose their privilege to host future events, receive reduced funding or may not be reimbursed.

Learn more
Additional information and guidance regarding the required Event Approval System is detailed in the Event Approval System procedure (accessible with a Services account).

If you experience problems in accessing or retrieving the forms, please contact the Service Desk.

Thank you for following the new event approval process. If you have any questions, please contact

Melissa Huedem is a program administrator in the Fermilab Foreign Visits and Assignments Office