Contingent Coordinator role for site access

We want to remind people regarding the Contingent Coordinator role and explain what to do if you are in this role.

All personnel performing work at the lab are required to have a business purpose; therefore, a valid purchase order or agreement is needed for site access. The Contingent Coordinator (CC) role was developed to assist with the validation of sub-contractor information such as an active purchase order  and site access dates. The old process, which allowed for any number of people to come on site and required no validation, could no longer be supported.

The Contingent Coordinator will receive a ServiceNow task and be asked to review the sub-contractor information for accuracy and select the appropriate contracting organization.

Below is the Contingent Coordinator process within ServiceNow:

Contingent Coordinator form in ServiceNow






Contingent Coordinator close task




Please let Griselda Lopez (, x6304) or Kimberly Pearce (, x3111) know if you have questions or in need of further training.