Voluntary winter break pilot begins Dec. 24, some areas affected

The Voluntary Winter Break Pilot is scheduled to take place Dec. 24, 2020, through Jan. 3, 2021. As a reminder, participation in the program is not mandatory; however, you are encouraged to take time to revive and enjoy time away from the laboratory, if possible.

As a follow up to the recent communication and FAQs that were posted about the pilot, please see the links below regarding work areas or services that may be impacted during the pilot. To ensure that Fermilab is meeting the needs of personnel who want to take advantage of the time away, as well as those who prefer to work, we ask that you refer to the links for more information. Please route any questions on this information to Deanne Randich at drandich@fnal.gov or Chris Polly at polly@fnal.gov.

Happy holidays and cheers to 2021!

Links to impact tables:

AD Impacts

APS-TD Impacts

CCD Impacts

ESH-DSP Impacts

ESH-EP Impacts

ESH-ESP Impacts

ESH-Sub Impacts

ESH-RPE Impacts

ESH-RPO Impacts

ESH-RPS Impacts

FESS Impacts

Finance Impacts


ND Impacts

PIP-II Impacts

PPD Impacts

WDRS Impacts