Centralizing the management of Fermilab facilities

Karen Kosky

Fermilab, a world-class science laboratory, should be built on world-class conventional facilities and infrastructure. The lab’s campus should support an undivided focus on our science mission.

Fermilab is entering a new era of facility management. For decades, facilities have been managed by individual divisions and sections, using tailored but varying standards and methods. Centralized Facility Management (CFM) will bring these functions under one (virtual) roof, and will standardize the way we plan for, identify, diagnose and execute facility management.

A pilot of this program began in 2018. Fermilab will be launching the program lab-wide* in April.

CFM will be built on the foundation of expertise of Fermilab staff who currently manage facilities. When CFM is fully executed, the role of building manager will no longer exist*. Instead, the CFM program will be staffed with fully dedicated facility management staff.

  • Area Facility Managers will be the primary point of contact for all conventional facility needs. This new Fermilab position includes special training in all aspects of facility maintenance including budgeting, planning, condition assessments, subcontracting, and performance monitoring. This job family provides new career opportunities for those managing buildings and infrastructure.
  • Task Managers (Construction Specialists) will oversee larger conventional facility maintenance, repair, and replacement projects within their area of expertise.
  • A Facility Data Manager will become the caretaker of as-built facility data and help maintain a modern library of facility information.
  • Administrative Associates will complement those who already assist with facility and utility procurement, data entry and other administrative tasks.

Job postings for these new positions are now open for interested internal candidates and we encourage anyone who is interested to apply. Visit fermilab.jobs or contact Al Schmitt, aschmitt@fnal.gov, Head of the FESS Facility Management Department, or Dave Jayson, djayson@fnal.gov, Centralized Facility Management Program Manager, for more information.

As the lab continues to forge ahead into bold science frontiers, the CFM program will ensure the lab’s conventional infrastructure is prepared to support our exciting science future. The CFM program is looking forward to building on the extensive existing experience of sitewide facility managers to chart the course for the next 50 years of world-class facilities and infrastructure.

*In FY21, CFM will include management of all laboratory buildings and infrastructure except those managed by APSTD. APSTD building managers will have no change to their roles/responsibilities due to CFM.


Karen Kosky is the head of the Fermilab Facilities, Engineering and Services Section.