In memoriam: Yuri Merekov

Yuri Merekov

With great sadness we report that our colleague Yuri Merekov died on Jan. 2 at the age of 87. He was a long-term member of the DZero JINR (Dubna) group. Yuri began work on the DZero forward muon system in the late 1990s, developing the design and then participating in the construction, installation and commissioning of the mini-drift-tube-based system. During Tevatron Run II, Yuri tirelessly took shifts supporting experiment operations and developed initial ideas for the search of the cascade Xib baryon at the Tevatron. These ideas led to the observation of this rare particle later in Run II. Yuri was an example of dedication to science and the experiments in which he was involved. Read his obituary (in Russian) on the JINR site.

Dmitri Denisov of Brookhaven National Laboratory and Paul Grannis of Stony Brook University are the DZero spokespersons.