Completing personal property inventories in 2021

Fermilab’s property management staff make sure that all of the lab’s assets are accounted for. Photo: Reidar Hahn, Fermilab

On Monday, Feb. 15, the Fermilab Property Office will begin conducting inventories within the Self-Service Property system. In the past, personal property inventories were conducted separately over the course of the fiscal year. This year, all property custodians will receive the following four inventories simultaneously, combined in a single inventory through the SSP system.

  • Sensitive
  • Equipment
  • Other Accountable Property
  • Administratively Controlled Assets

As in the past, if you are a property custodian, you will be asked to verify possession of your assets.  Verification is accomplished when both you and your supervisor locate the asset, review the Fermilab asset tag and serial number, and ensure they match the tag and serial numbers on your asset listing.

Typically, the Service Desk executes a program that electronically locates and verifies assets, minimizing the number that need to be manually inventoried. This year, far more of the lab’s assets are off site with remote workers, and these assets will have to be accounted for manually. This is why you may see more items on your inventory than before: Those that were previously pinged electronically won’t necessarily be automatically accounted for this year. We are in an unusual situation, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation to resolve all the laboratory’s assets.

Your cooperation as a custodian of federal government property is extremely important, as the results from the inventory are reported to the Department of Energy and are vital in maintaining an approved property management plan.

If for any reason you wish to transfer assets to another permanent lab employee, you can do this using the Self-Service Property system. The receiving employee must accept the transfer to complete the process.

If you have questions regarding the inventory process or property management at Fermilab, please reach out to the Property Office at x3585.

Scott Borton is the Fermilab property management supervisor.