Registration open for the 2021 All Engineers’ Retreat

Register now for the All Engineers’ Retreat, Feb. 21-27. Image: M.A. Ibrahim

On behalf of the Engineering Advisory Council, I would like to invite you to attend the virtual 2021 All Engineers’ Retreat, which takes place from Feb. 21-27. Register today.

Zoom links will be sent following registration.

The focus of the Engineering Advisory Council, or EAC, is to address and improve the lives of engineers at the laboratory and encourage a community of open communication and free exchange of ideas. We have therefore planned sessions to learn about interesting projects at Fermilab and engineers’ contributions. We will also cover opportunities, address concerns and receive feedback about the lab’s efforts in building an engineering community. We encourage your active participation and hope to hear about new proposals and ideas. There will be a specific session dedicated to engineering talks on finding research and collaborative synergies among the Fermilab engineers.

We have planned two half-day plenary sessions with the following speakers:

  • Address from Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer and Chief Engineer Chris Mossey.
  • Quantum computing efforts at Fermilab with Anna Grassellino.
  • Developments in the IERC project with Brian Rubik and Leo Bellantoni.
  • Affiliated societies with Mark Jeffers.
  • LDRD program with Bob Tschirhart.
  • HR and diversity- and inclusion-related topics with Deanne Randich and Sandra Charles.

We will have two keynote speakers:

  • Professor David Schuster from University of Chicago will share interesting facts on quantum computing with multimode cavities and hybrid systems.
  • Brandon Sorbom from Commonwealth Fusion Systems will talk about SPARC and a new pathway to high-field fusion.

In the breakout rooms we encourage your participation and free exchange of ideas:

  • Opportunities for the Fermilab engineering community, chaired by Paul Czarapata and Gary Drake.
  • FPGA development at Fermilab, chaired by Ryan Rivera.
  • R&D engineering projects at Fermilab, chaired by Silvia Zorzetti, with the contribution of Cristian Boffo and Bob Tschirhart.

The week will conclude with virtual tours:

  • ICARUS, led by Roza Doubnik.
  • Quantum Computing lab, led by Silvia Zorzetti and Daniil Frolov.
  • PIP2IT RF, led by Victor Grzelak.

Please tell your colleagues, scientists, application developers, engineering physicists and anyone who might be interested about the retreat.

Learn more about the Engineering Advisory Council.

Thank you in advance for your participation, we look forward to meeting you at the retreat.

Silvia Zorzetti is a Fermilab engineer and member of the Fermilab Engineering Advisory Council.