Remote work agreement form – submit in FermiWorks

Remote Work Agreement Form – Submit in FermiWorks

For employees working remotely, even if occasionally telecommuting for severe weather or a personal emergency, it is now time to update your remote work agreement. Employees no longer need to submit a paper form or pdf file and will instead complete a remote work request in FermiWorks.

You may access the remote work request directly from the remote work announcement on the FermiWorks homepage: Login with your FermiWorks password (not the same as the Services password).

For all employees with current remote work agreements (except for long distance telework), please submit no later than April 16, even if you completed a paper form or pdf file previously in the past 12 months. HR will work with long distance telework employees to ensure their current information is transitioned properly into FermiWorks.

The current remote work types include the following:

Occasional Telecommuting: Only as needed (severe weather, personal emergencies, etc.).

Regular Telecommuting: One or more days per week on a routine basis (such as every Monday or Tuesdays and Thursdays, etc.). Per the current remote work policy, if you are telecommuting 5 days per week due to COVID-19, but expect to revert to less than 5 days telecommuting once the COVID-19 period is over, you should select this type.

Telework: Every day with no assigned, dedicated workspace at any primary Fermilab worksite with annual renewal required.

Long-Distance Telework: In another state or at a location more than 100 miles from the primary Fermilab worksite with annual renewal required. Multiple approvals are required to ensure compliance with out of state employment regulations.

Please contact the FermiWorks HR team (Laurie Pederson, Jackie Zolna, Heather Sidman) or your HR Partner with any questions.