Centralized facility management begins this week

Fermilab enters a new era of facility management this week as the Centralized Facility Management program officially kicks off. Centralized Facility Management (CFM) brings the management of all* conventional facilities under one (virtual) roof.

The role of building manager is now transitioned to a new group of individuals called Area Facility Managers. Area Facility Managers (AFMs) will manage all aspects of conventional (non-scientific) facility management – from overseeing roof repairs and upgrading HVAC units to troubleshooting lighting issues and plumbing problems. AFMs are responsible for a portfolio of dozens of facilities, so they will work with a Tenant Liaison at each building. Tenant Liaisons are appointed division and section individuals at each building who will be the conduit of building needs to the AFMs.

The list of Fermilab buildings and their associated Area Facility Managers is located at the Facilities Information Database – Area Facility Manager Report.

The CFM program will spend time over the next year to develop a comprehensive list of short- and long-term sitewide conventional facility needs. Facility needs will be prioritized, and an annual workplan of maintenance and replacement projects will be executed based on available maintenance and capital budgets. Metrics will be tracked to assess the condition of our facilities and the performance of the program. Divisions and sections will meet with FESS and CFM managers regularly to discuss needs and progress.

The CFM program will rely on new and existing staff in FESS who support all aspects of facility and utility management. Mechanics and electricians, planners/schedulers, task managers/construction coordinators, data managers, building automation specialists, administrative staff, and others all work together to plan and execute the work associated with maintaining and upgrading our buildings and the utilities that support them.

Fermilab’s investment in the CFM program will ensure the lab’s conventional infrastructure is prepared to support our exciting science future. The CFM program will build on the extensive existing experience of sitewide facility experts to chart the course for the next 50 years of world-class facilities and infrastructure.

*In FY21, CFM will include management of all laboratory buildings and infrastructure except those managed by APSTD. APSTD building managers have no change to their roles/responsibilities at this time.

Karen Kosky is head of Fermilab’s Facilities, Engineering and Services Section.