New Fermilab policies website

I am pleased to announce that Fermilab recently launched a new policies website, which allows employees and users to more easily search for and locate labwide policies and procedures. Policies are searchable by keyword or category. The site also contains links to manuals such as the Fermilab ES&H Manual (FESHM) and the Engineering Manual.

The website is part of an update to the lab’s policy process led by the Requirements Oversight Board (ROB). The ROB reviews labwide policies and develops processes for the management of labwide policies and procedures. Improvements that have been made to the lab’s policy process include:

  • An updated Policy on Policies which details requirements for labwide policies and procedures, including establishing a common location and review process.
  • An intake form, to submit a new or updated policy for review before it is published.
  • Identified policy Points of Contact from each Division or Section that owns labwide policies.
  • A standard template for policies and procedures, to make labwide policies and procedures more clear and uniform.
  • Policy reference materials which can be found at the Quick Links section of the new policies page.

Please reach out if you have questions or feedback on the new website. You may contact or any of us individually.

Alison Markovitz (ROB Chair)


ROB members:

Anna Campbell (ROB Administrator)

Eileen Crowley

Elisabeth Dalle

Martha Michels

John Myer

Peter Shanahan

Matt Quinn


Alison Markovitz is Fermilab’s chief strategic partnerships officer.