Seven tips for teleworking from Beverly Bison

Beverly Bison is good at teleconferencing. Photo: Dianne Dianneadanna

Hello Fermilab friends! It’s me, Beverly Bison. I know a lot of you are teleworking now, and we sure do miss you here at the lab. As your resident herd, we’ve been working from home since 1969, and we thought we’d share a few of our favorite tips to help you with this transition.

  • Make sure you set up a comfortable work-station at home. We have special ergonomic keyboards that help accommodate our hooves and keep our joints happy!
  • Take time to graze healthfully – get lots of grasses and berries, maybe even some lichen and sedges!
  • Create a routine that works for you. After sliding around much of the winter, I like going for a run around the spring fields before I hit the laptop.
  • Beverly Bison had a good work-from-home situation this winter. Photo: Dianne Dianneadanna

  • Breaks are important! Re-energize yourself with a frolic outside or wallowing in some mud pools.
  • If there are lots of other people in your home, you’ll want to carve out a space where you work and clearly delineate times when you’re working. Don’t let anyone call you bullheaded for posting a sign that says “Quiet please! Bison working.” This separation will help everyone.
  • Since so much work relies on an internet connection, invest in good WiFi. Our herd uses a special high-speed internet called BiFi.
  • Check in regularly with co-workers. We’re all part of one herd during these crazy times. Take the time to call and connect with co-workers, or stay in one-way touch using our new workspace camera.