Want to learn science stand-up comedy? Volunteer now!

This spring, Fermilab Education and Public Engagement (EPE) is working with the Friends of the NIU Library and NIU STEM Reads to sponsor free professional development for four Fermilab staff members from Science Riot, an organization that trains experts to create and deliver stand-up comedy routines based on their research.

From Science Riot: Our science communication workshops teach scientists the basics of comedy writing and performance then throw them onstage to deliver a comedy talk to a live audience. Each scientist crafts a 5-10 minute talk about a scientific topic with only three rules; they have to teach something, they have to be funny, and their only tool is a microphone. By the way, we use the term “scientist” in broadest possible terms; we welcome all science-related fields and STEM-adjacent professions (and even some humanities). The end result is like a TED Talk – but funny! Learn more at scienceriot.org

We’re looking for four volunteers who can commit to three 90-minute training sessions where they would craft their routine and a pre-recorded stand-up show where they would deliver the routine and receive feedback from a professional comedian. We would like to schedule the training in April or May, but we’d be happy to see what would work best with participants.

If you have questions or you’re interested in participating in this unique opportunity to share your research with a wider audience via comedy, please email Becky Thompson at rebeccat@fnal.gov. There is only space for four Fermilab staff members, so not all volunteers may be chosen to participate.