Niobium axion cavity

A large silver-colored board-like rectangle extends from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. It sits on top of clear plastic, under which wood is visible as are schematics, which poke out from underneath--black drawings on white paper.

This is the raw niobium material. Photo: Eddie Pieszchala

A silver object that is shaped somewhat like a toy battleship, with AA-Ti engraved twice on the side facing the camera, sits on a white sheet on a table. In the background, a workshop and Windex.

A close-up of a completed niobium axion cavity, made at Fermilab at the Village Machine Shop. Photo: Eddie Pieszchala

On the left: a metal block with a shape similar to a plastic-bottle with a cap at both ends cut out of the center and hole punches all around the left and right sides. On the right: a nearly identical piece of metal, except with a hole in either "bottle cap" shape, indentations at the corners and a short tube at the bottom end. All setting on white sheet or paper on a brownish surface.

The inside of the niobium axion cavity. Photo: Eddie Pieszchala