Onsite summer housing requests due July 9

The Housing Office will be accepting reservation requests June 28 through July 9 for house and apartment occupancy beginning August 1. Onsite housing is available for rent to users/affiliates and employees with term appointments who are currently or will be considered essential personnel by their division or section. An active Fermilab ID badge is required to live in the Village. Onsite housing is not available for permanent employees or members of the general public. Please submit your request using the online form at https://get-connected.fnal.gov/housing-request/ no later than Friday, July 9. No exceptions will be made to this reservation request deadline.

Allocation of houses and apartments will be determined by the Housing Allocation Committee, based on experiment or theory group priority as indicated by a directorate representative and in accordance with the needs of the laboratory. Dormitory rooms will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please email housing@fnal.gov if you have any questions regarding the housing allocation process, housing unit information or cost. Contact your division or section point of contact for information regarding the essential onsite personnel approval process.