PIP-II cryoplant building construction

A structure framed in what appears to be red steel, with yellow wraparound along the short side of the bottom half, and some concrete along the bottom as well. Scaffolding goes up the left side. A person in a hardhat and yellow vest stands on the same side as the scaffolding. A white pickup truck that reads "Miller" is parked near him. Blue skies above the construction site.

In May 2021, the construction of the cryoplant building for PIP-II is well underway on the Fermilab campus. Photo: Ernesto Alcaraz

A long and thin building being constructed. The steel frame is up, the lower half of the building has yellow wraparound on the left quarter and what looks like cement on the rest of the lower half. A white pickup with a yellow stripe sits on site, and at least one person appears to be on site. Dirt fills the lower third of the photo. Blue skies above.

The cryoplant, essential to PIP-II’s cooling and facility utilities, will house the accelerator’s cryogenic equipment, including components provided by the India Department of Atomic Energy. Photo: Ernesto Alcaraz

A cut-out of a window or door, framed in yellow. Inside, the frame--steel beams, the beginning of a floor, and corrugated ceiling are visible. So is a person in a hardhat and orange reflective vest walking along the left side of the photo, facing away from the camera. Blue sky peeks in the sides of the construction.

A window into the construction on the PIP-II cryoplant. Photo: Ernesto Alcaraz