Procurement 101 training available on demand

The formerly live Procurement 101 training is now available for all employees, on demand, as six sequential modules that can be accessed through TRAIN. The Procurement department hopes these modules help employees better understand the procurement process and refresh current knowledge.

The modules are organized to build on each other through an overview of the procurement process. The modules include:

  • Module 1 – Procurement Basics
  • Module 2 – Requirements Definition
  • Module 3 – Acquisition Planning
  • Module 4 – Solicitation
  • Module 5 – Evaluation and Award
  • Module 6 – Subcontract Management

To receive training credit, employees must take the modules sequentially (each module has a quiz that must be passed to advance to the next module). Also, any or all of the modules can be viewed as a non-credit refresher (without the quiz) if you have previously taken the live training.

Questions? Contact Po Collins at ext. 4032 or