Take the Snowmass early career survey

An illustration of a blue magnifying glass with a pie chart of science-themed photo snippets and illustration snippets in its lens. At the center of that pie, reads "Snowmass Survey Initiative 2021." Below the magnifying glass is a yellow graph line and various blue bars as in a bar graph.

The Snowmass early career survey is live and seeks input from the high-energy physics and astrophysics community. Responses must be completed by Aug 15. Illustration: Snowmass survey team

The Snowmass early career survey is a 2021 initiative to seek input from junior and senior current and former users and collaborators of US-funded experiments and facilities of the High-Energy Physics and Astrophysics, or HEPA, community. The responses to this survey will better inform the HEPA field about the community’s opinions, outlooks, wishes, professional history and personal identity.

The survey covers many topics, including careers, physics outlook, harassment and the impacts of COVID-19. The survey seeks responses from a wide variety of respondents, including students, faculty, scientists, engineers, technicians and people who are now pursuing different careers.

The survey must be completed by Aug 15. You can take the survey here.

Feel free to share this survey with others involved in HEPA or who have recently left the field. If you have suggestions for specific groups, organizations or collaborations that should receive this survey, please reach out to the Snowmass early career survey team via email.

The particle physics community planning exercise, also known as the Snowmass planning process, is a time-honored initiative of the HEPA community, organized by the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society. For about four decades, gatherings held in Snowmass and other places have served as a place to discuss the future of the HEPA field in the United States and around the world. Snowmass will define the most important questions for the field of particle physics and identify promising opportunities to address them. The output from Snowmass will be used by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation to help determine the strategic plan for US particle physics to be executed over the next decade.

You can learn more about the Snowmass process on the Snowmass 2021 website.

The Snowmass early career survey team comprises Garvita Agarwal, University at Buffalo; Joshua Barrow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tel Aviv University; Erin Conley, Duke University; Maria Elidaiana da Silva Pereira, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Sam Hedges, Duke University; Sam Homiller, Harvard University; Ivan Lepetic, Rutgers University; and Tianhuan Luo, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.