DOE’s Differing Professional Opinion process for technical issues involving environment, safety and health

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Amber Kenney

When employees have technical concerns related to environment, safety or health that have not been resolved through established Fermilab channels, the DOE’s Differing Professional Opinion, or DPO, process offers another approach.

Several established processes allow federal, contractor and subcontractor employees to request further assessment when there is a disagreement about appropriate actions to resolve an ESH issue or concern. These processes are designed to resolve differing professional opinions at local and internal levels. Your options for reporting ESH concerns are described in this Employee ESH Concerns flyer and include discussing the concern with the following people:

  • Your supervisor
  • The division safety officer or a subject matter expert
  • The Fermilab Site Office Employee Concerns Manager John Scott, x2250

If the above steps have not resulted in an adequate resolution, you may also try the following:

Fermilab’s FESHM 1060, which is the Fermilab ESH Concerns Program, outlines the use of the DPO process per DOE O 442.2. The DPO process is available to help resolve technical issues that have the potential for a significant negative impact on ESH activities of employees or members of the public after all other local processes for resolution have been exhausted.

Amber Kenney is Fermilab’s chief safety officer.