Inspecting a STAR module

A person wearing special magnifying lens, a hair covering, surgical mask and PPE including blue surgical gloves and a smock holds a small tube over an experiment in a clear box. They work on a green countertop with a grate-like background.

Humberto Gonzalez of the Particle Physics Division, Detector Development and Operations Department, applies, free hand, encapsulation material over microbonds on a module for the Forward Silicon Tracker, or FST, for the STAR detector — Solenoidal Tracker At RHIC — at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Photo: Leticia Shaddix

Person holds up experiment that is between one and two feet long, turned to face the camera, in full PPE with black glasses.

Gonzalez is completing the final inspection on the last module for the STAR project. Photo: Leticia Shaddix

Person in full PPE stands to hold the experiment, now facing us. Red and black marker on it offers a series of letters and numbers, including FST-78.

The flip side of a STAR module. Photo: Leticia Shaddix