Interview with the bison (herdsman): Your bison questions answered

In the U.S., National Bison Day is celebrated the first Saturday in November. Here at Fermilab we celebrate bison every day, but especially in the spring when the bison have their babies. This year, once again, the baby bison were born without the normal paparazzi presence. Fermilab families usually take a field trip to see the babies in May. Instead we can all celebrate Virtual Bison Day together.

Thank you to all who submitted questions for Virtual Bison Day. Your bison questions have been answered! We received many great questions, from  “Why are the bison so hairy?” to “What do the bison eat?” There was a question about the differences between bison and buffalo and a question about the coyotes onsite. Maureen Hix from the Office of Education and Public Outreach took our questions to the bison. Thanks, Maureen!

Herdsman Cleo Garcia

Sadly, the bison, who have grown accustomed to the private life, had no comment, but Cleo Garcia, the bison herdsman, answered our questions on their behalf. Thanks, Cleo!

Please visit to watch the interview!

There you will also find some bison related activities from bison week from the Stay Connected Calendar – including crafts, a read-aloud book about bison, hilarious bison-related jokes and more! (No one is too old for crafts or punny jokes!)

We hope that we will all be able to visit with the bison in person again soon!