Spring at Fermilab

A creek with clouds reflected in it divides banks covered in trees with yellow-green leaves. Blue skies with white clouds above, grasses in the creek itself.

Looking north at the causeway bridge on the way to the Lederman Center in May 2021. Photo: Carrie McGivern

Wetland filled with grasses, trees with yellow-green leaves lean in from the sides of the photo. Blue skies above with white clouds.

In May 2021, things are coming up green on the Fermilab campus. Photo: Carrie McGivern

Two adult Canada geese flank three goslings in green grass headed toward a road. They all face away from the camera.

In spring 2021, the next generation of Fermilab geese stroll through campus. Photo: Carrie McGivern

A trapezoidal concrete structure with windows attached to a much taller concrete building. All in sunlight, blue-sky day. A young tree with yellow-green leaves planted near the squat building. A sidewalk runs diagonal across the foreground of the photo.

A young tree’s shadow dances against the side entrance of Wilson Hall in 2021. Photo: Carrie McGivern