For sale: Two Honda lawnmowers

We switched to an electric mower so we are selling our two gas Honda self-propelled mowers. $200 or best offer.

Both mowers are in good shape and start on the first pull. In order to preserve this ability, you need to “winterize” it every year.

The old Honda mower has an issue where the adjustment for the height of the handle seems to slip over time. It is a self propelled that has two speeds: slow and fast. Both work fine, but there is no in-between adjustment.

The newer Honda mower has an issue with the exhaust muffler falling off. Something happened to one of the two screw sockets that hold it on, so only one works really well. I tried to tap the bad socket for a new screw, and it works – but falls off after a few hours of operation due to the vibration when the engine is running. This could possibly be fixed with a longer screw and/or deeper tapping of the socket.