A new deputy project director for the LBNF/DUNE-US project

Mary Convery is the new deputy project director for the LBNF/DUNE-US project. Photo: Marty Murphy

The LBNF/DUNE-US project welcomes Mary Convery as she assumes the role of deputy project director for facilities. In her new position, Convery will oversee the completion of the far site conventional facilities and the near site primary and neutrino beamlines and supporting conventional facilities.

Convery has served as the Accelerator Division associate head and deputy head since 2015. Besides her expertise in accelerator systems, Convery brings to LBNF/DUNE her experience in managing the Muon Campus construction from 2011 to 2019, having overseen seven accelerator improvement projects and general plant projects needed for the Muon g-2 and Mu2e experiments.

Convery will start her transition to the LBNF/DUNE-US deputy project director position on Oct. 1.