Business visitor one-day (non-badged) access

Business visitor one-day subcontractor (non-badged) access — multiple entries are not permitted.

A badged subcontractor Point of Contact or Division/Section Point of Contact must send an email to with the following information for each individual. Information must be received by 12 p.m. the prior business day:

·   Subcontractor First and Last Name

·   Date of Access

·   Purpose of Visit

·   Access Location (work location)

·   Country of Citizenship

The Fermilab Point of Contact for the subcontractor should be copied in the email if request is from a badged subcontractor. Same-day requests will not be accepted unless deemed an emergency by the Security Chief. Subcontractor must be escorted at all times by a Fermilab badged individual while performing work. Multiple entries are not permitted – no “chaining” requests.

Access confirmation email from the Security Department will be sent to Points of Contact (Sub-contractor and/or Fermilab).

Please be sure to read the Policy on Access to Fermilab, Procedure on Access to Fermilab, and review the Sub-Contractor, User/Affiliate access processes on the Global Services page and Site Access on the Security website.