Fire Prevention Week and required fire drills

Fire Prevention Week is October 3-9, 2021. For Fermilab buildings classified as occupied, a fire drill (table-top or functional) is mandatory. A list of occupied buildings can be found here: occupied buildings. Take time to review and exercise fire evacuation procedures, review assembly points and check exits to assure they are clear. Keep in mind that distributing information does not meet the intent of the drill program and will not be credited as a drill. A tabletop exercise or a fire evacuation drill is required. The drill requirement applies only to occupied buildings at Fermilab.

If your department or building would like to have a fire evacuation drill that includes activation of the local fire alarm system, please coordinate with the Fermilab Fire Department (contact them at x3428). The Fire Department personnel are authorized to notify the Communications Center of the fire drill, activate the alarm(s) and then reset it. Please give the Fire Department some lead time, especially if a specific date and time is desired.

Any questions? Contact David Esterquest at x4604 or