Clorica survey results

Thank you all who responded to our quarterly survey regarding our onsite cleaning program. Your feedback is essential in maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment for the Fermilab community.

Because the surveys are anonymous, we receive honest scores and comments, which are truly helpful when improving our services. However, when specific comments need to be addressed, we are unable to identify the source, building or area, so please reach out to us at X2798 or for additional clarification or assistance in resolving any concerns.

In addition, if you are unsure or unaware of our program please reach out to your area facility manager as they should be able to inform you of the exact services provided at your location.

Below are a few comments and responses from the most recent surveys that may also answer common inquiries throughout the lab:

  • Comment: Small, desk-side trash cans are not emptied and the floor by employees’ desks are not mopped often. Computers are shared by employees and should be disinfected every day.
    • All buildings onsite participate in a centralized trash collection program. Occupants are responsible for bringing desk-side trash cans to a common area designated in each building or floor, where they transfer their trash to a larger bin. This is the same process for recycling. Our staff provides daily pick up from the centralized locations, break areas, lunchrooms, conference rooms and restrooms. If you are not aware, ask your building manager for the location of your centralized bins.
    • Our cleaning program is designed to provide more frequent cleaning in common areas such as restrooms, kitchen and break areas. Less attention and time are spent in individual offices and cubicles. We suggest eating in designated break areas to ensure more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and floors, and daily trash pickup.
    • While we have pivoted toward more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of common touch points such as elevator panels, copy machines and microwave handles and buttons, we encourage occupants to do their part and disinfect within their own workspace between uses of common machinery and computers.
  • Comment: It has been observed that sometimes the paper recycle bin gets dumped into the garbage bin before removal. That is a violation and hinders our effort to recycle.
    • Our staff is an essential part of the onsite recycling efforts, but only if done correctly. This is a great reminder to reiterate to all personnel the importance of proper recycling procedures.

While our staff members are mindful of and cautious not to disturb you during your work, please don’t hesitate to communicate with them about cleaning your workspace. Thank you for all the kind words and appreciation!