Elliott McCrory to retire Oct. 15

After a long career that concludes as a scientist in the accelerator division/instrumentation department, Elliott McCrory will retire from Fermilab on Friday, Oct.15. You may be wondering how long McCrory has been with Fermilab. Here’s a hint. He began his career working on the Linac upgrade.

McCrory’s colleagues in the accelerator division know him as an expert in all things RF cavities, bend and focusing magnets, beam pipe and, of course, beam instrumentation. Veterans of the 9:00 a.m. Labwide operations meeting are sure to recognize him as the dutiful representative of the instrumentation department. Members of the proton source department may have known McCrory as their supervisor at one time. Graduates of Fermilab’s Summer Internships in Science and Technology program (SIST – an acronym he created) will know him for the work he did running this program over the course of 20 years. Do you remember the Tevatron? McCrory was on the run coordination team for run II and helped write the CDF run control program suite.

Maybe you have never met McCrory, but you may be familiar with his work as a photographer. Over the years, Fermilab Today has published over 125 photos that he has taken around the lab. Or maybe you’ve noticed the dynamic TV displays in Wilson Hall and the Remote Operations Center. McCrory wrote the software for managing those – by himself.

Most of all, anyone who has worked at Fermilab (or at CERN, where he helped with the commissioning of the LHC) best remember McCrory for his friendly and helpful disposition.

He started at Fermilab on June 1, 1986, bringing his total service to (in his own words) a very fulfilling 12,921 days, or 35 years and 4.5 months. McCrory and his wife are building a new home in Indiana to be closer to their family.

A virtual retirement party for Elliott McCrory will be held via Zoom on Thursday, Oct. 14, at 1:00 p.m. Please contact John Diamond at jdiamond@fnal.gov or Craig Drennan cdrennan@fnal.gov to request the link.

We wish him well in his future endeavors!