Seats available: Virtual emotional intelligence course – Nov. 16 – 17

When careers get knocked off track, the most common reason (75%) is that people lack crucial emotional competencies – they can’t deal effectively with interpersonal problems, guide teams through conflicts and other turbulence, and adapt to change or gain trust.”

– The Center for Creative Leadership

Emotional intelligence is an individual’s capacity to recognize their feelings and those of others and manage their own feelings in a way to positively guide their actions, thinking and how they engage those around them.

In this virtual course you will discover and measure your EQ (emotional quotient) based on five major components of emotional intelligence: perceiving, managing, decision making, achieving and influencing. You will learn how to recognize the behaviors and characteristics of an emotionally intelligent person; identify areas where emotional intelligence skills can be applied; evaluate your personal strengths and growth opportunities and generate action steps to improve your emotional intelligence.

 A handful of seats remain for the Nov 16-17 class via Zoom. Enroll here: