Deepavali Festival of Lights celebration hosted by the FAPA community

Thank you to all who participated in the event planning for and attended the Deepavali Festival of Lights celebration in downtown Naperville.

A festival is time to be grateful for our own existence and celebrate those moments with family and friends.​ Some of the Fermilab community members enjoyed time together and appreciated the opportunity to feel connected. Many members joined the Lab during the pandemic. Everyone enjoyed colorful Rangoli, beautiful candles, a talent show and of course Indian sweets and appetizers in the colorful fall season.

This event was co-hosted by Arun Saini (APS-TD) and Sudeshna Ganguly (AD), supported by FAPA LRG co-leaders Genfa Wu (APS-TD), Yi Xie (APS-TD) and Yun He (AD), assisted by Pooja Swamy (SCD), Sujit Bidhar (AD), and Vijay Chouhan (APS-TD). Through this event-planning process, we were able to get to know each other better and have a better sense of community.​ See the FAPA SharePoint folder for more photos (login with services account required).