eBS new version user documentation

Dear eBS users,

The eBS system was upgraded on Nov. 8. A general navigation guide for the new version of eBS is available here (Services login required).

You will see a JNLP file pop-up message when opening a Java based form in eBS. Follow the instructions in this article to open the form: https://fermi.servicenowservices.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0014168

In addition, please be aware that you may randomly experience an issue with the unresponsive Java security pop-up message when using eBS. For details about the issue and how to resolve it, see this article: https://fermi.servicenowservices.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0014164

If you encounter any eBS issues after the upgrade, please open a Service Desk ticket at https://servicedesk.fnal.gov.