In case you missed it: Winners of the Fermilab pumpkin carving contest

Thank you to all who participated in the pumpkin carving contest. It was a fierce competition with many close calls! You can see all winners at

Here are the winners:

1st Place

  • Best pumpkin (Adults) – Ji-Hye Kim with “Mama and Baby Bison”
  • Best pumpkin (Kids) – Naomi Odom with “Patches the Pirate”
  • Spookiest pumpkin – Vincent Philipps with ” Zombie Skull Pumpkin”
  • Most scientific pumpkin – Paul Hackspacher with “Cosmic Microwave Pumpkin”
  • Most creative pumpkin – Annie Cheung with “Moonlight Mermaid”
  • Best painted pumpkin – Brenda Cervantes and Fatima Ayala with “Love Wins”
  • Best pumpkin that captures the spirit of Fermilab – Maria Casales Martinez with  “Halloween @ Fermilab”
  • Best portrait with a pumpkin – Kelly Rehr- Scarriot with  “Baby’s 1st Pumpkin”
  • Best pet with a pumpkin – Emily Rossi with “Guinea Pig Pumpkin”

2nd & 3rd Place

  • 2nd best pumpkin (Adults) – Everardo Granados Vasquez with “Mictlantecuhtli”
  • 3rd best pumpkin (Adults) – Adam Wixson with “Carvid-19”
  • 2nd best pumpkin (Kids) – Ella Arkan with “Wise Owl”
  • 3rd best pumpkin (Kids) Mila Arkan with “Witch Kitty”
  • 2nd spookiest pumpkin – Sumudu Wijayarathne and her in-laws with “Sri Lankan Devil Mask”
  • 2nd most scientific pumpkin – Tammy Walton with “Monster g-2”
  • 2nd most creative pumpkin – Kimberly Peterson with “Pumpkin in the Oven”
  • 2nd best painted pumpkin- Madison Pearce with “Happy Halloween One and All”