Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is added to iTrack

Image credit: Tom Digrazia

The Quality Section, in its continuous effort to make substantive improvements to the lab’s issues management system, announces the addition of a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) section in iTrack. Beginning Nov. 17, and viewable from the Responsible Party Page, all Non-conformance and Management Concern Item types will require the identification of the RCA Method employed, plus the suggested uploading of the RCA document(s) used in the analysis.

At first, the RCA Method drop down list will be populated with several of the more common RCA Methods currently used at Fermilab. This includes: Brainstorming, 5-Why, Fishbone Diagram, and Cause Mapping. Additional methods will be added to the system over time. Feel free to contact your Quality Section Liaison with additional suggestions. To assist in the entry of the RCA information into iTrack the Fermilab Quality Tool Suite (FQTS) User Guide has been updated. Please see section 6.2.5 – Adding Root Cause Analysis Methods and Root Cause Analysis Documents for details.

For guidance or help in performing an RCA, please contact your Quality Section Liaison.