Time to complete goal setting in FermiWorks

Your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time-Oriented) goals established between you and your manager for the 2022 performance review period should be in process and complete by now. These goals should reflect key ongoing job responsibilities, projects or specialized tasks (assigned by direct or matrix manager), career development insights and competency enhancements.

We now ask you to complete the following two-step 2022 goal setting task in your FermiWorks inbox:

  • Step 1: Edit or add goals by clicking My Goals to route for manager approval; these are due by Nov. 24, after which the system will close. Click each goal item on the left column to edit or click add. Note: If you are advancing goals from the previous year, you must make at least one edit per goal (text, status, due date) for the system to detect a change to route for approval. Also, please do not click submit until all edits are complete.
  • Step 2: From your FermiWorks inbox, submit the 2022 goal setting acknowledgment task (click the orange “submit” button) once your final goals are entered. The full instructions for goal setting re available here.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion competencies: It is important to identify goals that highlight your EDI competencies and contributions for 2022. Examples of activities that support lab-wide EDI efforts include involvement with professional and internship pipeline recruitment initiatives, support of outreach and public engagement efforts, and participation in Laboratory Resource Groups (LRGs) and workgroups focused on department/division/lab culture and climate enhancements.

View the archive goal instructions to archive historical or duplicate goals, minimizing clutter in your goals report to improve goal management. You can restore a goal if you discover later that you need to reactivate it.

Lastly, any open talent-related inbox items (performance review or goal acknowledgment) that are not submitted by Dec. 20 will be automatically advanced by Human Resources to close out the process.

Please visit the HR Partner website https://hr.fnal.gov/contact/hr-partners for additional resources on the goal setting process.