Training-related regulatory relief expiring

During the pandemic several training due dates were extended according to the DOE regulatory relief plan. We need to ensure our employees’ training is up-to-date to perform work safely. As a result, we will be allowing the regulatory relief extension in TRAIN to expire. This will indicate past-due training and will start sending reminders to complete training or qualifications. Please work to request training through the TRAIN database for onsite workers who require the training to do work. For those who are still teleworking for the foreseeable future, this would be a great time to update ITNAs to reflect the current and future training needs for those employees. The TRAIN extension will expire on Nov. 30.

  • D/S leaders need to make sure people get signed up (and attend) forklift and aerial lift training.
  • Crane training is delayed but sessions will be scheduled ASAP. Please keep an eye out and get signed up when classes are scheduled.
  • Individuals must coordinate with their D/S evaluator for both crane and forklift evaluations to be considered fully trained.

Please work with your supervisor or DSO to understand the training needs for your staff.