Bill Freeman to retire Dec. 22

After more than 38 years at Fermilab, Bill Freeman will retire on Dec. 22.

Freeman came to Fermilab in 1983 following a post-doc position in nuclear physics at Argonne. He started in the Radiation Physics Group which was part of the Safety Section, and eventually became the group leader. In 1989, after some musical chairs involving a couple of other Fermilab ES&H folks heading for Texas and the SSC, Freeman moved to the Research Division as department head of the RD ES&H Department. Three years later, he moved to the RD Office as an assistant division head for ES&H.

After more than 13 years working exclusively in the ES&H arena, Freeman decided it was time for a change, so in late 1996 he moved out to DZero to work on schedule development for the DZero Detector Upgrade Project, in addition to ES&H. There he began a slow metamorphosis out of ES&H and into project controls.  After his time at DZero, Freeman worked in project controls for several other projects at the Lab, including: BTeV, Nova, and the CMS Phase 1 and CMS HL-LHC Detector Upgrade Projects.

Freeman has fond memories of the DOE Tiger Team visit in 1992 and the extensive preparations leading up to that, especially the comprehensive radiation shielding assessment that was done. He also remembers the process of getting through the initial certification of the FRA Earned Value Management System while working on the Nova Project. Regarding the people at the lab, Freeman said, “It is the great pleasure of getting to know and work with so many outstanding and interesting individuals at Fermilab.”

In retirement, Freeman plans to spend more time with his granddaughter, tutor students in physics and math, and fly the glider that he co-owns with another Fermilab employee. We wish him much happiness in his retirement.