Early engagement key to successful procurements

The director’s Sept. 20 all-hands message on our procurement system highlighted several key topics we all need to understand. One such topic is understanding early engagement with Procurement.

We all must engage Procurement as early as possible, especially with large acquisitions, to create acquisition strategies and plans for our buying requirements. Early engagement gives us time to create more and better options, and structure better deals. Early engagement also allows time to work out any potential issues or negotiations required for the terms and conditions of subcontracts.

The Acquisition Lifecycle Planning Tool is now available throughout the lab and must be used to ensure advance planning and early engagement. When should you use the ALP Tool? Any anticipated procurements valued at more than $250,000 must be entered in the ALP Tool 1-3 years in advance of creating a requisition. Using the ALP tool is also strongly recommended for any item or service being procured using a statement of work, regardless of value.

Representatives from all divisions, sections and projects have been trained on the ALP Tool. Remember that using the ALP Tool is now required for planning your upcoming procurements, and effective use of the Procurement Management System will be based, in part, on how your D/S/P is using the tool.

You can learn more about the ALP Tool through the Procurement website, where these resources are available:

If you have any questions about these resources, please contact one of our ALP Tool SMEs (Cindy Blanchard at cindyb@fnal.gov; Paul Olderr at olderr@fnal.gov) or Po Collins at lcollins@fnal.gov.