Fermilab’s retired record-setting road runner

Roy Rubinstein, former assistant lab director and scientist who worked at Fermilab for more than 40 years and retired in 2016, achieved a U.S. road-running record for males in the 85 to 89 age group at the Chicago Lakefront 50 event in October 2021. He ran 50 km in 8 hours, 3 minutes and 18 seconds. Photo: Roy Rubinstein

An avid runner since 1982 when he took up running in order to get fit after 6 months of working on a Fermilab experiment 24/7, today, he runs four or five times a week, usually 6 to 8 miles at a time, with one weekly run of 18 to 20 miles (although not during the winter). For those who aspire to run like Roy, he suggests that you make any changes to your running program (like going increased distances) gradually, otherwise you could get injured. Photo: Roy Rubinstein