From Security Chief Joe Rogers: Wearing your Fermilab badge on site and other security-related reminders

Site security is a responsibility we all share to help keep the people, science and facilities of Fermilab safe. In accordance with the DOE-approved Site Security Plan and Fermilab Access Procedure, you are required to display your site access credentials (Fermi ID Badge or Fermilab Access Sticker) while on site at all times and remove your site access credential when off site.

The security team routinely conducts credential challenges with people who are not wearing site access credentials. Please remember the following guidance:

  • Wear your badge conspicuously, photo side out, in a location above the waist and on the front of your body while you are on site at Fermilab (in Batavia and Lead).
  • Protect your badge against loss, theft or misuse.
  • Do not alter, photocopy, counterfeit, reproduce or photograph your badge or Fermilab access sticker, or post it on the internet.
  • When not on U.S. Department of Energy-owned or -leased Fermilab property, remove your credential or obscure it from sight.
  • Keep your badge in good condition. Have it replaced if it is damaged or if there is a change to your legal name or appearance.
  • Use a breakaway lanyard (available to employees at the stock room).

Property loss or damage (including keys, badges and vehicles) must be reported to the Security Operations Center (SOC) at 630.840.3414 or x3414.

  • A custodian is required to have an approved property pass prior to any property leaving the Fermilab site. Each division and section has an assigned property pass management liaison you can contact for assistance.
  • Missing Fermilab keys must be reported to the SOC at 630.840.3414 or x3414.
  • Report lost or stolen badges immediately by submitting a Lost/ Missing / Stolen Items (<$250 value) report (Services login required) or contact the SOC at 630.840.3414 or x3414.

Employee terminations – Supervisors are required to collect key(s), ID badge and all government property or ensure property is transferred to another employee. Keys and ID badges must be returned to the Wilson Hall SOC located on the ground floor.

  • Return your badge upon termination of use; they are government property.

For more information, visit the Security Department website (must be on the Fermilab network to access). There is also a public-facing website that includes COVID-19 and site access requirements for all individuals wishing to access to Fermilab in Batavia.

If you have questions, contact Donna Iraci, SOC Supervisor, at 630.840.4251 or x4251.

Joe Rogers is Fermilab’s security chief.