Sam Zeller joins LBNF/DUNE-US as deputy project director for the near detector

Sam Zeller

The LBNF/DUNE-US project is happy to welcome Sam Zeller as she assumes the role of deputy project director for the near detector. In her new position, Zeller assumes responsibility for realizing the set of three primary detector systems developed by the DUNE collaboration on the Fermilab site that will enable the overall DUNE physics program.

Zeller takes over for Tim Bolton, who prior to this role had served as deputy DUNE-US project director, DUNE-US project director, and along with Zeller, co-editor of the DUNE Far Detector Technical Design Report. The project is very grateful to him for his important contributions over the last several years and wishes him well as he returns to his university duties at Kansas State University.

Zeller has been a Fermilab employee since 2009. She received a 2012 DOE Early Career Research Award to advance the LArTPC technology and that same year was elected co-spokesperson of MicroBooNE, a position she held until stepping down from that role last year. Starting in 2017, she began serving as the Neutrino Division deputy head. Last October, she was named an APS fellow, recognized for her “outstanding contributions and intellectual leadership in developing the understanding of GeV neutrino interactions and their importance for past, current, and future neutrino oscillation experiments.”

Zeller will begin her transition to the LBNF/DUNE-US deputy project director position on Feb. 1.