EDI and EPE time charging codes reminder

In September 2021, new time charging codes were launched for employees who spend time on equity, diversity and inclusion or education and public engagement-related activities. These codes were established to recognize and support participation in Fermilab EDI and EPE. The primary objective was to remove barriers and establish clear guidance for participation by employees across the lab. This initiative was established thanks to the efforts of the EDI Task Force and the Senior Leadership EDI Council, in partnership with the finance section.

Fermilab Senior Engineer Lucy Nobrega demonstrates the novel effects of a vacuum on a system in “A World Without Atmosphere.” Photo: Fermilab

Specifically, each division and section established two new codes for time charging: one for time spent supporting EDI and one for time spent supporting EPE. Projects are working with the finance section to set up similar codes. A labwide procedure is located on Fermilab’s policies.fnal.gov webpage to provide guidance on the appropriate use of those codes, including total hours that may be charged without manager approval.

While some employees have been using these new codes, others may not be sure where to find them. Employees looking to charge time to EDI or EPE, consistent with the labwide procedure, should contact their field financial managers to obtain the appropriate codes for their division/section/project. A list of the field financial managers is included below.

Additional questions regarding the use of the codes may be sent to EPE at edreg@fnal.gov or EDI at diversity@fnal.gov. Those interested in reviewing the lab’s existing EDI or EPE programs or proposing new EDI or EPE activities should use this form.

The lab continues to support vibrant and impactful programs to advance equity, diversity and inclusion and to engage our communities through education and public engagement. Thank you to all who participate in enriching our community.


Field financial managers: Contact to obtain EDI or EPE time-charging codes

Division/Section: FFM

APSTD:  Melonie Hays

SCD:  Valena Sibley

CCD:  Valena Sibley

DIR:  Jennifer Goldberg

ESH:  Jennifer Goldberg

FESS:  Jennifer Goldberg

FI:  Jennifer Goldberg

HR:  Jennifer Goldberg

SDSD:  Laura Ortega

LBNF/DUNE-US:  Laura Ortega

PIP-II:  Theresa Casillas

FQI:  Sarah Grimsley

ND:  Molly Anderson

PPD:  Corinne Vendetta

AD:  Ann Nestander

SQMS:  Gil Herrera

THD:  Robert Carrara

LCLS-II:  Constance Trimby