Rick Verhaagen named deputy director of new DOE Office of Safety and Security

Richard Verhaagen

Rick Verhaagen, manager of the Department of Energy Fermi Site Office, has been named deputy director of the newly created DOE Office of Safety and Security. The new office will combine the safety, security and technical functions that exist within the DOE Office of Field Safety, Security, and Infrastructure and the Office of Technical Services at the Consolidated Service Center. Verhaagen starts his new role Feb. 14.

Verhaagen has served as the Fermi Site Office manager since January 2021. He has held various positions within DOE during the last 15 years, including deputy manager for technical operations at the DOE National Nuclear Security Administration Field Office at Los Alamos National Laboratory and NNSA senior technical safety advisor.

As FSO manager, Verhaagen has been a valued liaison between the lab and the Office of Science and collaborated with the lab to ensure work was done within Office of Science requirements. He leaves a legacy of building relationships across the Fermilab organization as he worked to improve processes and strengthen lab performance.

Roger Snyder, manager of the DOE Pacific Northwest Site Office, will serve as the acting Fermi Site Office manager.