Snowman building competition extended – stay tuned for part 2

Xonatã da Silva, the Brazillian Snowman by Maria Cecilia Bazetto, Heriques Gatti, Pedro Pasquini, Gabriela Stenico

If you are from the midwest in the U.S, you are familiar with “good packing snow.” Good packing snow is wet and heavy and ideal for building snowmen and snow forts. We had good packing snow at the beginning of last week’s storm, but then the temperature dropped and the snow became dry and powdery. We had a few good hours before it all melted on Sunday, and some were able to get out and make their snow creations, but some who wanted to participate were unable due to the very short window.

Due to the snow quality, we will extend the Snowman Building Competition, and will announce a part 2 with the next good snow.

Those who submitted snowmen will keep their entries and are welcome to submit another creation.

If you have any questions, contact Jessica Jensen.