Volunteers sought for Vamos a Fermilab program

Do you have an interest in helping Hispanic/Latinx students from area colleges learn more about careers in science? If so, the group Vamos a Fermilab wants you.

As discussed HERE, Vamos a Fermilab (Let’s go to Fermilab) is a DOE-funded outreach program designed to attract a more diverse spectrum of applicants to WDTS’s Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships program, Community College Internships program, and the Office of Science Graduate Student Research program. Vamos a Fermilab is seeking volunteers to mentor Hispanic American STEM students enrolled in Chicago-area community colleges and universities. The time commitment is modest and consists mainly of a 3-day event where the student shadows their mentor at Fermilab.

Those interested in volunteering are asked to sign up HERE. If you have questions, contact program leads Minerba Betancourt (betan009@fnal.gov), Juan Estrada (estrada@fnal.gov) or Daniel Elvira (daniel@fnal.gov). The deadline for applying is Monday, February 28.