Fermilab bike share program now available

The Fermilab bike share program is now available to all current employees, users and affiliates.

Please visit https://get-connected.fnal.gov/bikeshare for more information on how to join.

What’s New with the Bike Share in 2022?

New Recreation Waiver Requirement

In order to be approved for the bike share membership, please complete the recreation waiver in FermiWorks. Instructions can be found here. If you have already completed the waiver for other Recreation and Community Engagement activities, you are all set!

New Bike Share Membership

This season there is a new bike share membership called “Fermilab 2022.” If you were a member of the original “Fermilab” membership, you will notice that your membership has been canceled. You will need to join the new “Fermilab 2022” membership and be approved before you are able to ride the bikes.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Jensen at bikeshare@fnal.gov.