Important Fermilab email security changes

Important Fermilab email security changes


Fermilab is now required to enable an email security setting that helps prevent unauthorized use of our email domain and aids in protecting you from spam, fraud and phishing. We strongly urge you to read this email carefully and follow the directions below to ensure you do not miss important email messages.


Due to these rules, we are required to make changes to our mail configurations that may result in quarantined, and eventually, rejected email. The FermiMail support team and others have been working for more than a year to limit the impact of these required changes. We believe that the effect will be minimal.

Beginning Monday, Apr. 4, we will temporarily change email security settings so that any email that does not pass a security check will be marked as spam and delivered to your Junk Email folder. Please check your Junk Email folder frequently (This is always a good practice). We want to make sure any needed email is not lost. This quarantine period will provide you with the opportunity to identify any valid email that is incorrectly marked as spam in advance of the permanent change, which will occur on May 2.


Beginning May 2, any email message that does not pass the security check will be rejected and will not be delivered to your email box.


Be aware that some Fermilab services send out email notifications from a subdomain (e.g., This can cause the security check to fail and for email to be subsequently marked as spam. This includes email from onsite Linux servers, for example, email sent through a script or Linux system messages sent through the internal SMTP servers.



Between April 4 and May 2, we urge you to closely monitor your Junk Email folder. If you notice that any valid email message is incorrectly being sent to your Junk Email folder, email specifying the message sender’s email address. The FermiMail support team will then troubleshoot the issue.


If you have any questions, contact the Service Desk:
(630) 840-2345