Milestone service anniversaries for February

Each month, Human Resources and the Office of Communication present a list of employees who celebrated a five- or ten-year service anniversary milestone during the previous month. Please join us in congratulating the following individuals who celebrated a service anniversary milestone during the month of February, 2022:

Name Division Years in Service
Maral Alyari Particle Physics Division 5
Elizabeth Mendyk Chief Operating Office 5
Kayla Decker Directorate 5
Arnab Ghosh Particle Physics Division 5
ElizabethVega Rodriguez Directorate 5
Brandon White Scientific Computing Division 5
Kathleen Venn Bowers Human Resources Section 10
Hyunwoo Kim Scientific Computing Division 10
Sarah Lockwitz Accelerator Division 10
Don Nenn Facilities Engineering Services Section 10
Thomas Powers Finance Section 15
Donovan Tooke Accelerator Division 15
Vladimir Nagaslaev Accelerator Division 20
Amber Kenney Directorate 20
Gregory Derylo Particle Physics Division 25
Yuriy Orlov Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology Division 25
Vladimir Sidorov Accelerator Division 25
Paul Olderr Finance Section 25
Igor Novitski Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology Division 25
Cynthia Arnold Core Computing Division 30
David Kihlken Accelerator Division 30
Barry Norris Neutrino Division 30
Steven Dixon PIP-II Division 30
Matthew Arena Core Computing Division 30
Gary Coppola Particle Physics Division 40