New travel approval process

The following changes are being made to the Laboratory’s travel approval process.

Effective Wednesday, March 9, the laboratory Director has authorized the processing of travel requests for domestic (in-person and virtual) and local travel per the Travel Office’s pre-pandemic policy and procedures. Specifically, division/section approvals may be obtained via the Travel System prior to the start date of the trip. Please note however, that the purpose of travel must continue to meet the laboratory’s mission essential criteria. At a minimum, the following questions should be considered before approving such requests:

  • Is the justification to attend compelling, clear and affordable?
  • Is this travel necessary to advance the mission of the lab? If so, how?
  • Does the desired outcome require in-person attendance, and therefore, cannot be accomplished via another safe and less-expensive alternative, such as email, audio and/or web conferencing or videoconferencing?
  • Does the justification of the desired outcome align with the mission of the lab, and sufficiently support lab presence at the in-person event?

International in-person travel and virtual attendance approvals for all types of travelers will still require a first-level review/approval by the Laboratory’s Chief Research Officer’s (CRO) office via the Travel Office provided spreadsheet. Travel System approval will follow.

For questions, please contact the Travel Office at