After 37 years of service, Dallas Heikkinen will retire on Friday, April 15

After 37 years of serving the Fermilab accelerators and beamline, Dallas Heikkinen will retire on Friday, April 15. Heikkinen supported the beam current monitors and other beam instrumentation, first in the research division and then in the accelerator division. He is technically skilled, a patient teacher, and very generous with his laugh and sense of humor.

Dan Schoo says, “Dallas worked for me in the old research division days doing beamline instrumentation for Meson, Proton and Neutrino. We had offices on the 12th floor and then the 14th floor of Wilson Hall until the reorganization in about 1995. He was always a good solid emplyee and took his work seriously. He learned quickly and did very good work.”

We wish Dallas all the best in his retirement!