FSPA Seminar reminder

This is a reminder that the next FSPA Early-Career seminar is Wednesday, April 27 at noon CT (Hybrid mode). In-person location: ND/ Oscillatorium (WH13NW).

Note that while we will continue to monitor attendance to ensure the safety of all participants and to comply with COVID-era capacity limits, the FSPA officers are pleased to announce that on site Fermilab Users and Employees can now attend this seminar in person. We will still maintain a virtual presence for those who wish to join us remotely. In the short term, speakers will continue to connect via Zoom.

Virtual connection details: https://fermipoint.fnal.gov/org/ocedi/FSPA/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=%7B551C5631-C704-4118-8A76-98CCCA19F04E%7D&file=seminar_series.docx&action=default&CT=1642618597010&OR=DocLibClassicUI If you attended our past seminars, the zoom link remains the same.

We are pleased to host Joe Grange, a Data Scientist at Environmental Incentives who will talk on the topic of ” From Fermilab to science policy.”


Joe spent almost ten years working at Fermilab supporting neutrino and muon experiments.  In 2019, he transitioned to science policy via the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship.  In this presentation, Joe will discuss his path to his current position as a Data Scientist with a Monitoring and Evaluation team at the United States Agency for International Development, share some lessons he’s learned along the way, and give some examples of how he uses his technical training in his current role.

If you have any questions or would like to give a talk as part of our series, please contact the FSPA officers at: fspa_officers@fnal.gov. And please see our webpage for details about future seminars: https://fspa.fnal.gov/early-career-seminar-series/.

Our previous seminars are also available for viewing from the above webpage.

Your FSPA Officers (Daisy, Ohana, Forhad, Marvin, Aleksandra and Olivia)