Registration for the final Snowmass Agora, Wednesday, April 13, on Advanced Colliders is now open

A series of Snowmass Agora events on Future Colliders, intended for all Snowmass participants, are being held about once a month, through April 2022. Thanks to all those who registered and attended the previous Agora events!


The fifth and final Agora on Advanced Colliders, will be held Wednesday, April 13, 2022, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm CST.   An informal post-Agora chat is anticipated for an additional 30-40 minutes. Please register for the event, as soon as possible, at or need to register for the event in order to be able to receive the ZOOM link to attend. The registration will be open throughout the event.


The short talks in the Agora will be presented in colloquium style.  The objective of the Agora series has been to inform the community of the current proposals on future collider options and to enable discussions addressing various aspects of physics and feasibility — physics potential, technology challenges and R&D, synergies in the global and local contexts, time frame and cost projections.  This final Agora focuses on the status of advanced accelerator/collider technologies and roadmaps for their development. We request that you consider submitting questions ahead of time in the event Google doc. We plan to post the slides of the talks on the agenda three days in advance of the event.


The ZOOM link will be sent to the registrants via email on the day of the event.  We look forward to your active participation in this event.


Program Committee:
EF conveners: Meenakshi Narain, Laura Reina,  Alessandro Tricoli,
AF conveners: Steve Gourlay, Tor Raubenheimer, Vladimir Shiltsev
Fermilab Future Colliders group: Pushpa Bhat, Joel Butler